Swim Programs Descriptions


Adult Swim Program
Whether you’re a beginner or a pro-athlete training for your next triathlon, we have the class for you. We offer SwimFit and Water Workout classes.  Adult beginner learn-to-swim classes are also offered!

Children’s Swim Program
Is your child ready to get their feet wet? Have you always wanted them to learn to swim? Well now’s the time! Our professional, certified swimming instructors will not only teach your little one how to swim, but they will help your child develop a genuine love of the water. Our classes use a step-by-step approach that will help them let go of their fears and start swimming! So hop on in – there’s no time like the present to learn to swim! We offer swim classes for ages 6 months and up.

**Priority enrollment for the next session is given to currently enrolled swimmers at the start of week 4. Priority enrollment guarantees a spot for you or your child, but we can not guarantee the instructor.**
Open enrollment for new clients begins during week 5
30-Minute Classes   
*If a class is missed, one make-up class will be available at the end of the 8-week course – in week 9.
Swim PLUS (for Non-Members)
This is a great package for non-members who wish to to practice what they learn in class! 8-week Swim Session + 8 Swim Passes.
$425 per session
*Swim passes are for use during the 8-week course only.


Parent & Me
Parent & Me (Approximate age: 6 months to 3 years) 30-minute class
8-10 participants. Swim diapers are required. 

Parents and their little ones will learn a basic swim foundation together. This class is chock-full of fun songs, water-based movement, swim facts, and safety lessons. During the 8 weeks, children will gain confidence and, hopefully, let go of any fear associated with being in the water. Your child will have a blast swimming, moving, and learning. Children will leave the class safe, happy, and moving towards swimming in the water!


Children’s Basics
Beginner Basics (Approximate age: 3 to 6 years) 30-minute class
4 participants

This class is for children who have some or very little previous exposure to water. Children will participate in this class parent-free. Parents will not be in the water with children but one parent is welcome to observe from the deck (and be there to assist your child with any bathroom trips), no siblings please. Beginner Basics is for the absolute beginner who may (or may not) have a fear of entering the water. Safety maneuvers such as hanging from the wall, and walking along the wall to safety (“spider walking”) are taught and mastered. Also, the children will learn what to do if they should accidentally fall into a body of water (survival back float). In addition to eliminating levels of fear by exposure and gentle coercion, introduction to the proper breathing techniques, body alignment, and arm and leg movements will be taught.


Children’s Beginner
Beginner (Approximate age: 4 to 7 years) 30-minute class
4 participants  

This is a class for children who are confident and comfortable entering the water. There will be focus on front float, back float, breathing, walking along the wall to safety (“spider walking”), and kick and pull. By the end of this class  will have been introduced to freestyle, backstroke, and short distance (a few feet or width of the pool) without assistance. Complete independence is taught and encouraged.


Children’s Beginner/Intermediate
Beginner/Intermediate (Approximate age: 4 to 7 years) 30-minute class
4 participants     

Swimmers entering this class should be comfortable swimming unassisted for 5 seconds or longer.  They must also demonstrate the ability to submerge their full face in the water, push off the wall on their own, know breathing basics, and have a working knowledge of front and back float.  In this class swimmers will learn to regulate breathing without swallowing, swim the width of the pool without assistance, and come away with knowledge of both freestyle and backstroke basics.  They will also learn and be able to perform all survival drills such as treading water, back survival float, and deep water survival (falling in without a wall to grab).  This class bridges the gap between beginner and intermediate swimmer.


Children’s Intermediate
Intermediate (Approximate age: 5 to 10 years) 30-minute class
Up to 6 participants

The child entering this class must be able to swim the width (2 meters) of the pool freestyle or front crawl. They also must be able to demonstrate an independent back float, front float, and know the basics to freestyle and backstroke. In this class swimmers will learn freestyle breathing, work on a confident backstroke, and be introduced to breaststroke. Swimmers will build confidence, technique, form, and move towards swimming the length (20 meters) of the pool freestyle and backstroke. The goal is for the student to swim the entire length of the pool without stopping, unassisted.


Children’s Advanced
Advanced (Approximate age: 6 to 12 years) 30-minute class
6 participants

Swimmers entering this class must be able to swim the length of the pool in both freestyle and backstroke. This class will introduce diving and will master the techniques of butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle. Also, children will be able to perform survival drills including treading water and back survival float. They will learn the difference between sprint and distance swims and will work on technique and form while building confidence and endurance in the water.


Adult Beginner
Beginner 30-minute class
6 participants

The Beginner class is designed for participants who have very little or no swimming experience and may be fearful or uncomfortable in the water of any depth. The course provides instruction in basic water skills and principles including; comfortable entry, submersion, floating, breathing techniques, and an introduction to basic swimming strokes (freestyle and Backstroke). In this class you will also learn basic personal water safety skills. The course is intended to help participant gain confidence and self-reliance in the water in a safe and fun environment.


Adult Intermediate
Intermediate  30-minute class
6 participants

Are you ready to take your swim to the next level? This course is for adults that can swim the length of the pool in both freestyle and backstroke. In this class swimmers will continue to work on stroke technique on freestyle & backstroke strengthening their form, cardio, and lung capacity. The class will be introduced to two additional strokes breaststroke and butterfly. This will complete the competitive swimmers core IM or individual medley (Butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle).  Swimmers will learn the three separate techniques and styles of treading water.  Everyone will learn the components of a swim workout; i.e. warm-up, workout and cool down and how to design a swim workout to fit their individual needs. Swimmers will be introduced to sprints and distance swim and will learn how to integrate them into their swim routine. Swimmers will be introduced to swim equipment and their function i.e.; Hand paddles, pull buoys and kickboards and will learn the importance of these tools to help advance their technique and form. Swimmers will also be introduced to open turns and flip turns during this course.




Water Bootcamp is a cool, refreshing way to workout. Taking the plunge into an water class can take the drudgery out of your exercise routine schedule. A water workout is not just about splashing around in the pool; the class offers a full-body aerobic workout. Have you ever noticed how hard it is to walk in water? Water offers constant, fluid resistance to your entire body, water workouts use this resistance to burn calories and build strength, muscle, and flexibility. On land you use only gravity as resistance, in the water you have resistance in every direction, multi-directional resistance enhances each movement and it’s benefits. The buoyancy provided by water causes less strain on your joints and muscles making a Water Bootcamp class a great exercise choice for people with arthritis, multiple sclerosis, who are pregnant, those in need of rehabilitation, or people looking for a new way to challenge their muscles.

It is not essential to be a swimmer to join a Water Bootcamp class. A Water Bootcamp routine can be adjusted to suit individual needs, restrictions, and fitness levels. A water workout is a great class for pro athletes and fitness novices alike. It takes the impact off of joints while increasing resistance. So come on in – the water is fine. Take the plunge into a Water Bootcamp class and get an excellent full-body aerobic workout!

(All Private Swim Sessions are 30 minutes in length)
To inquire about private swim appointments, please email swim@hamiltonhealthfitness.com for information.

Single Session $45 $50
Package of 5 Sessions $220 $245
Package of 10 Sessions $440 $490
Package of 20 Sessions $880 $980

Please note that you will be charged a $20 fee if your are late to pick up your child after swim lessons.  If you are over 15 minutes late there is an additional charge of $20 ($40 total).  Our swim instructors have lessons right after yours; if you are late picking up your child, it cuts into the next lesson’s time.