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In the 1920’s Joseph Pilates developed a system of precise movements designed to strengthen the core muscles and improve control and flexibility throughout the body without building bulk. The result is long, lean muscles, flat abs and better posture and movement. Pilates is great for muscle stamina, mental clarity and overall health, wellness, and awareness.

Project Pilates is located inside Hamilton Health & Fitness. Our studio is complete with a Cadillac, Reformers, Ladder Barrel, Wunda Chairs and Wall Mounted Towers. Private sessions, semi private sessions, group tower classes and group mat classes are available. And because no two bodies are alike, classes are taught using a variety of sequences and equipment. Not only will you stay motivated; you’ll look and feel better too!

We are the most unique Pilates studio in New Jersey. How? Included before or after your class/session is full use of the Hamilton Health & Fitness facility.

Click HERE to view a PDF version of the Project Pilates schedule. We are in the process of updating our schedule. Please check back soon or visit our web scheduler for the up to date schedule.

If you are brand new to Pilates, we recommend one-on-one sessions or at least taking a few one-on-one sessions before starting group classes. We offer a discounted package of 3 private Pilates sessions for new comers, ask for The Intro Pack.
Semi-private session’s for you and your partner are a great alternative to private sessions. For optimum results, partners should be at a similar level or in a similar condition (pregnant, postpartum).If private or semi-private sessions are not possible and you’re interested in group equipment classes, please start with Introduction to Pilates Equipment or the Equipment Fundamentals Series.PILATES MAT CLASSES:
Our Basics for Beginners class is held once a month – the first Sunday of each month. We highly suggest this class!If you are ready to jump in and the first of the month has passed, start with one of our Beginning Level Mat classes and speak to the instructor afterwards. They can help you decide how to proceed.For men, we offer a Pilates for Men monthly series. The series starts the first Saturday of each month.
If you have Pilates experience, are injury free, and are interested in booking a one-on-one session or coming to a group class, you can reserve on-line.
If you are new to Pilates, have an injury (old or new), haven’t exercised in a while, have a special condition or need, are pregnant or have recently given birth please contact us to book your initial session/class.If you are pregnant or have recently given birth, please contact us before attending a group class or booking a one-on-one session.Semi-private sessions must be booked via email. Please contact us and allow a few days to schedule. We ask that you have your own, similar-level partner that you want to work with. Please note that semi-private sessions are not appropriate for those who are brand-new to Pilates or have injuries.
All cancellations, including equipment classes, require 24 hours notice.
To cancel a scheduled appointment or class, please call the studio at 201.714.7600.Emails are not accepted for cancellations as we can not guarantee when they will be seen and read.Group classes can be booked up to one month in advance.
It’s not yoga and it’s not for ladies! Gentlemen, step right up…
Pilates is a form of exercise which emphasizes the balanced development of the body through core strength, and flexibility. It’s an intelligent form of working out and an incredible compliment to any workout regimen. Targeting often neglected muscle groups, Pilates increases physical strength, stamina and rage of motion. You’re not the only “bro” to experience Pilates, famous athletes who included Pilates in their workouts include Roger Federer, Tiger Woods, DeMarcus Ware, David Beckham and LeBron to name a few…
Moderately PacedBasics for Beginners (Mat class)
First time experiencing Pilates? This is the class for you! In this one hour class you will gain the essential knowledge to perform the basic principles and exercises for the Mat and Fit Ball classes. After this introductory class you will have the confidence to move forward with Pilates!Mat – Intermediate
Our intermediate mat class is for those who are very comfortable with the basic principles and exercises involved in Pilates Mat and Fit Ball classes. This moves at a faster pace and is more challenging than our basics class. It is recommended that participants get approval from the instructor before signing up for an intermediate level class.Intro to Pilates Equipment
This workshop is the prerequisite to Pilates equipment classes for anyone new to Pilates and unable to take private or semi-private sessions. Get ready to learn the lingo and master the method of Pilates! If you are experienced with Pilates Mat or new to Pilates this class is a great start to the intimidating looking machines. You will learn the fundamental principles of Pilates; set up and safety on the reformer, tower, chair, and barrel. Most importantly, you will work that body! The workshop begins on the first Sunday and Wednesday of every month and runs for 4 to 5 weeks, depending on the month. Drops-ins are welcomed but the class is limited to 3 people. Book your spot early to join us for a new experience.Equipment Fundamentals
This is the most basic level Reformer, Tower, or Chair class. In this class students focus on strengthening the abdominals and stabilizing their pelvis and spine while being introduced to the repertoire of beginner Pilates choreography. Prior to this gently paced class we recommend the introductory 3 private sessions.Mixed Equipment
Enjoy the variety and unique benefits of the reformer, tower, chair and mat working one class. This is different from the circuit class in that we’ll move as a group from equipment to equipment. Class is limited to 3 persons.Building Bones with the Pilates Circuit
This class uses the reformer, tower, chair and mat to focus on building bone density and improving balance. All while strengthening your core and toning and lengthening your muscles. This class is safe for those with excessive bone loss and our older population; however it is great for all ages and abilities. This safe, challenging, and fun class aims to specifically strengthen your bones with impact, resistance, and weight bearing exercises. It also avoids movements that are contradictive for those with osteoporosis. The class is being offered as a series of 4/5 sessions depending on the month. Class is limited to 3 persons. The time to build your bones is now!Equipment – Beginner
This beginner class focuses on the basic principles of Pilates. You will work on abdominal control, breathing, and posture. In this moderate paced class there will be a focus on basic body awareness. It is suggested that participants take between 15-20 Basics for Beginner classes prior to joining this level.
Equipment – Beginner/Intermediate
Apply your knowledge of Pilates to a more challenging set of exercises. The class emphasis is on muscle control, strength, and fluidity. This is not a class for newcomers! You must have taken at least 15-20 Beginner classes prior to moving into this level.Equipment – Intermediate
The intermediate level of our Pilates equipment classes are for those who have begun to master muscle control, strength and fluidity. The participant in this class will be familiar with the choreography of Pilates and ready to move onto more challenges. To enter into this level you must have taken at least 15-20 Beginner/Intermediate classes.Equipment – Intermediate Advanced
This level of Pilates requires spinal flexibility, excellent abdominal control, wrist and shoulder stability, as well as overall strength. Advanced choreography is challenging and often weight bearing, which demands strong wrists and shoulders as well as a healthy spine. This is an accelerated paced class. Approval from an instructor is required for entrance into this class.

$210 –  3 sessions/one-time introductory package
$85 – 1 session
$415 – 5 sessions
$780 – 10 sessions
$1140 – 15 sessions
$1480 – 20 sessions

Pilates Tower, Reformer, or Circuit Classes


$210 3 sessions/one-time introductory package
$95 – 1 session
$465 – 5 sessions
$880 – 10 sessions
$1290 – 15 sessions
$1680 – 20 sessions

Pilates Tower, Reformer, or Circuit Classes

All Other Classes
$25 day pass