Yoga and Pilates


Whether you’re too shy to chant or can bend yourself into a spiritual pretzel, we have a class for your level of experience.

Great for beginners to the practice of yoga. Hatha introduces breathing techniques, meditation and body postures.

The most dynamic and aerobic form of yoga. Get your heart pumping as you flow through a quick series of poses.

A combination of aerobics, yoga, martial arts and dance moves while shouting positive affirmations. Exhilarating cardio with a touch of therapy.

Yoga for Beginners
This weekly class is an introduction to yoga. Learn the basic principles and practice essentials in a one hour session that is perfect for those in search of their first yoga experience. You will gain knowledge and confidence to perform yoga poses in preparation for more advanced yoga classes.


Project Pilates is our fully equipped studio that is located inside Hamilton Health & Fitness.  A dedicated staff and classes using a variety of Pilates-specific equipment are available for an additional fee. Pilates Mat classes are offered at no charge to HHF Members.

Pilates Mat
Floor exercises that promote good posture and alignment, and strengthen, tone and stretch the spine, hips, abs and back. Focus on breath, joint extension and muscle balance.

Pilates Tower*
Classes are taught on the Pilates Tower apparatus. A great introduction to equipment-based work, classes are kept small at four students to one trainer.

Pilates Reformer*
A strength training workout using a special Pilates apparatus called the Reformer.

Pilates Basics for Beginners
This class, offered the first Sunday every month, is an introduction to all things Pilates. Learn the basic principles and practice essentials in a one hour session that is perfect for those who would like a solid introduction to Pilates. You will gain knowledge about and experience with Pilates guiding principles and exercises.