Aerobic and Weights


A Russian import and one of most effective forms of body sculpting. When swung properly by their thick handles, the round weights use nearly every muscle in the body to counteract momentum.

A simulated cycling workout. that challenges you mentally, physically and aerobically, to build muscle and burn fat.

Kick Punch Om (Kickboxing)
A tough fitness workout that combines kickboxing, calisthenics, a touch of yoga, and humor. Body, mind, & spirit will be worked as we focus on technique and awareness.

Bootcamp: H2O
Did You Kow?: Water can provide up to 12 times more resistance than air. This intense, low-impact, 55-minute water workout uses buoyant weights, water resistance, and gravity to tone your muscles and your heart in record time. You’ll leave the pool feeling like you took a short swim; you’ll wake up the next day feeling like you completed the first leg of the Ironman®. ALERT: Your body will lose more water than you expect during this class so, be sure to bring plenty of fresh drinking water to help prevent cramping.

Come give your body a challenge of true fitness in only 45 minutes with Andrew Buitron of TronFit. In class you’ll cover the components of strength, conditioning, balance, plyometrics, agility, and coordination just to name a few.

‘CrossFlow’ is a cardio circuit-style class, designed to work your entire body using mainly body weight and band resistance. With short but intense cardio intervals, full-body strength moves, and an active recovery stretch/cool down. You’ll slim down your entire body and develop a strong core foundation. The combinations of exercises will help you develop lean muscle tone, burn fat, and stretch and balance out your body so you can move with fluidity throughout your week.